"Human capacity to face the adversities of life, to understand and overcome them, and to be positively transformed by them."

la RESILIENCE Is the set of capacities that allow us to survive emotionally in the face of the inevitable challenges that all people face throughout life. Unlike "Resistance," which allows us to carry on carrying negative experiences without resolving them, RESILIENCE implies that these experiences are not only solved effectively, But the very fact of overcoming them gives us a new knowledge that allows us to grow and resolve them better and more rapidly in future occasions.

Identifying, understanding, relating and transmitting the techniques and knowledge needed to develop resilience has been the reason for DAXNATUR since its inception in 2005.


"Field of study of the bases that define human perception, emotion, thought and behavior."

NEUROSCIENCE is the field of research that studies the nervous system to try to explain its structure, its functioning and the psychological and behavioral phenomena to which it gives rise.

In DAXNATUR we have carried out an intense research work in affective neuroscience, as a fundamental basis to elaborate our contents and the methodologies we apply, thus becoming a leading company within the sector of consultancy and training in human resources.



"Fundamental psychological phenomena that direct and condition our personal and professional development"

Emotions are a cross-cutting element and a fundamental pillar on which other skills, both personal, social and professional, are built. Work efficiency, motivation, interpersonal relationships, quality of life and the ability to be happy depends on the adequate management we make of them.

In DAXNATUR we focus our efforts on the design, development and effective implementation of plans and programs for improving emotional health in organizations.

We work with people, the root of all our social systems so that, by developing their resilience and learning to reach their emotional balance, they can contribute to their environment and to society all that they are capable of.


"I do not fear an army of lions led by a sheep; What I fear is an army of sheep led by a lion." Alejandro Magno

Leadership takes many forms, but all agree on something: it mobilizes people, motivates them and convinces them to do things they did not know they were capable of doing.

The more uncertain the environment where the organizations are developed, the more necessary is the leadership capacity to be able to define objective, to trace the routes and execute the strategies directing our teams until achieving it.

In DAXNATUR we know how to awaken the leadership skills we all have within us.


"We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children" Indian proverb

Nature , a familiar environment for many, and something strange and unknown to others. People relate to it in very different ways.

Experience has taught us that there is an exceptional opportunity to discover nature as something that forms part of our own, something to which we belong, where we come from and that is related to ourselves. That opportunity is on the emotional level.

In DAXNATUR we understand that nature can offer us many opportunities, allowing us to metaphorize innumerable concepts, teaching us more about ourselves, our teams and organizations, helping us to face professional situations in a more balanced and positive way, thus allowing us to develop a resilient attitude.