"Sometimes, the person that no one imagines is capable of anything, is the person capable of doing what no one imagines" Alan Turing - English mathematician

Everyone has inside the innate capacity to make great things. As we grow, we unconsciously we slowly forget it, but that certainty stays always inside us, waiting for the oportunity to arise and become real.

Companies, organizations, work teams, projects, sales networks or administration and customer service; All of them are formed and led by people capable of doing great things but who often, and for various reasons, have forgotten it.

Created in 2005, DAXNATUR is a Spanish company focused on providing training, consultancy and research in neuroscience to help people to remember those hidden abilities, to release them and to impel them so that they can contribute to their environment all what they are capable of.

Misin Resilience


"Knowledge is not what is remembered, but what we can not forget" Confucio - Chinese philosopher

People use their capabilities to define, plan and execute each of the actions necessary for a modern organization to function properly. But people are not ruled by immutable laws, being that what makes us really humans. There is an inescapable component that actually defines our behavior:emotions.

Our emotions are those that outline our vision of the world, those that color our past and give meaning to our future, conditioning our attitude to life and the events that take place in it. We are what we feel.

But the emotions are not static. As adaptive elements they are, they are constantly changing. Professional, personal and emotional pressures influence them, causing tensions that deeply affect vital facets as important as relationships with others, physical health or our professional performance. The result of this influence appears in very different ways in our organizations, from the increase of absenteeism or the decrease in work performance, to the demotivation, the emergence of conflicts or the inability to retain the talent.

We in DAXNATUR know that the only way to prevent and resolve such situations is to strengthen resilience and the emotional management skills of people and teams. For this reason, we focus all our efforts on the design, development, and effective implementation of emotional leadership plans and programs in organizations.

Resilient team


"Birds of a feather flock together" Popular saying

Passion is what makes the difference among great professionals; The passion for their work; The passion for things well done; The passion for sharing and use everything they learned on their way to try making it easier for others. Our team is in that way: passionate.

But not only of passion are fed the great teams. Ours is conformed by a select group of passionate professionals, with decades of experience in their respective areas of expertise, which makes of them a perfect match for the task we have proposed.

Psychologists, sociologists, emotions management experts , mediators, administratives and technical; All working together to make our training courses and services something really different.

Mario Garcés - CEO - Resilience


CEO of DAXNATUR, trainer and researcher, is an expert in emotional intelligence with more then fifteen years of experience in affective neuroscience research and more than twenty as an entrepreneur. He was the leader for more than 300 projects in medium and big companies of almost every field, whether in public and private sectors.

Juan Carlos de Diego - Consultancy - Resilience


Responsible for the consulting area, he is a statistician with almost twenty years of experience in design, strategy, organization and management of work teams in companies such as the Pepsico Group and McDonalds

Teresa García - Training - Resilience


She is in charge of training, she has a degree in Psychology, Master of Human Resources with and additional training in Management and Leadership skills, with more than fifteen years of HR experience in INECO/TIFSA

Alberto Ayora - outdoor leadership - Resilience


Technical officer, is a military colonel, expert in leadership and risk management, with more than thirty years of experience as an active member of the Military High Mountain and Special Operations Group, and has leaded numerous international expeditions through the main mountain ranges of the planet .

Isabel Hernández - Sales manager - Resilience


She is sales manager, with more than twenty years of experience in large accounts, having managed a portfolio with more than a thousand public and private organizations in the main sectors (Banking, engineering, pharmacy, energy, public administrations, ...)

Lucila Finkel - Research - Resilience


Researcher at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, she is a doctor in sociology of the professions with more than 20 years of research experience and responsible for the UCM of joint research projects DAXNATUR - UCM.


"We are all ignorant, what happens is that we do not all ignore the same things" Albert Einstein

Since the origins of DAXNATUR we have firmly believed in the need to scientifically and solidly base all our contents and methodology. For this reason we invest a very important part of our resources in basic and applied research.

Thus, unlike merely descriptive approaches based on "recipes", our offer is built on an accompanying logical reasoning, born of the scientific analysis of numerous real experiences and combined with the latest knowledge in Neuroscience.

This allows us to differentiate ourselves, offering an explanatory approach, novel and practical, with clear and well-informed concepts about the processes and phenomena we try to teach to manage.

It is this scientific knowledge, coupled with the real experience of our team, which creates the synergies that make our services something really different.

Neuroscience Research