Neuroscience Research

"Human behavior is very complex because it is marked by a host of intrapersonal, interpersonal, group and social processes that interact dynamically with each other to generate unpredictable responses. Having an explanatory model of the human mind and behavior will help us to understand innumerable organizational phenomena that today we can only describe". Mario Garcés - CEO The MindKind

The research vocation is in our DNA. It is this research vocation that has allowed us to develop the contents and the tools we offer to enhance the factors that characterize Learning Agility .

But that research vocation does not end there. We are convinced that, thanks to it, we are able to offer a solid framework for understanding and addressing many of the psychosocial phenomena that still occur daily within organizations.

For this reason we dedicate an important part of our economic and human resources to carry out basic research (see Garcés & Finkel 2019) and, above all, applied, collaborating with different universities.

This mainly applied approach allows us to successfully transfer these new scientific discoveries to the real field of organizations, improving people management and optimizing the human factor in professional interactions and work teams.