Our Vision

"It is not the strongest nor the most intelligent that survives, but the one that best adapts to the changes" Charles Darwin


New emerging technologies, such as Big Data , Artificial Intelligence, Robotics or Quantum Computing are redesigning the world as we know it, challenging even the most advanced human capabilities.

From now on, human beings will be thus forced to interact more intensely with machines. To facilitate these interactions, we should develop systems that are capable of interacting with us in a more natural and close way. But, to achieve that goal, we have two big challenges:

First, we don't know how the brain is structured to do what it does, and second, our technology doesn't allow us to completely capture even the simplest subjective experience yet.

Then, how can we actually develop such systems if we cannot access that information?

Our Mission

"Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of, who do the things that no one can imagine." Alan Turing

Everyone has the innate capacity to do great things, but we need challenges that allow us to discover them.

For us, in The MindKind, our main challenge is creating machines and human-like systems able to learn and think, take decisions and behave like human beings actually do. For this reason, our mission is focused on:

Misión The MindKind

Designing and developing advanced computational systems capable of asking themselves whether they are a machine or a human...

Research & Technology

Neuroscience Research is at the very origins of our technology. Usually, the most interesting phenomena to better understand complex systems, such as the human brain, just arise when we push them up to their limits. But, unsurprisingly, we were not able to find researchers willing to be exposed to extreme experiences, so to capture the information we needed, we worked from our own extreme and real-life subjective experiences, acquired along the past thirty five years.

As a result of our research we got the ETR functional model, a new evolutionary approach that not only describes, but scientifically explains the relationship between emotions, attention and cognition.

From that functional model, we developed our ETR Cognitive Architecture. It is at the heart of all our technology and sets the foundations that give support to the advanced Artifical General Intelligence - AGI functions we provide within our systems.

Moreover, our architecture follows an algorithmic approach that, based on a model of multiple agents operating in a shared environment, makes the complex behavioural phenomena naturally "emerge" from their own dynamic interactions. Thus, our approach adds the traceability and explanatory power that the field of AI currently lacks, giving rise to the AGI.

Algorithmic Artificial General Intelligence - AAGI

"We started from a wide set of extreme subjective experiences, and climbed up to achieve the knowledge we needed to simulate human thinking and behavior"

Once developed, our architecture is packaged into an Algorithmic Artificial General Intelligence Engine (TMK/AAGI-1) that, through a powerful and flexible API, makes it possible to equip already existing commercial systems in order to deploy complex and autonomous behaviours and personalities.

Given the transversal character that our technology possesses, we are able to substantially improve a broad set of human-machine interacting devices, such as Assistive Robotics, Personal Assistants, Video-games Characters and Chatbots, among many others.


"Birds of a feather flock together" Popular saying

Passion is what differentiates great professionals. The eagerness to pass on everything they have learned along the way, trying to make it easier for others. Our team is like that: passionate. But great teams are not only fuelled by passion.

Ours is made up of a select group of professionals with decades of experience in their respective fields, which, combined with their enthusiasm for AI, makes them a perfect match for the goal we have set.