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As an investor, you must have the vision to take advantage of an opportunity when you see it, and this one is unique.

Algortihmic Artificial General Intelligence (AAGI) is the most extreme technology mankind have ever designed. Making a machine capable of human-like thinking and reasoning has been the dream,and often the nightmare of countless pioneers throughout history, including the current Big-Techs.

Now, we believe it is possible. While we acknowledge that the journey is neither straightforward nor risk-free, we think we have the knowledge and pose a compelling question: What if it succeeds?

Join us in this extraordinary adventure towards the AGI Revolution that will shape our future...

Why invest in this project

The Winner takes it all

In the forthcoming era, our Algorithmic AGI technology shall transcend its own limits, laying the foundation for its own sustained self-enhancement, thereby propelling an awe-inspiring gap between us and our competitors.

High Growth Potential

AGI represents one of the most disruptive and potentially lucrative fields in technology, what could lead to massive growth and profitability.

Highly dynamic ecosystem with numerous exit opportunities
Only a few companies possess the strategic knowledge to pursue it
It is also within the purview of all governments' strategic interest

Technological Innovation:

Our AAGI is at the cutting edge of technological innovation, and have applications accross an infinite number of different industries and sectors, what implies

A game-changing impact globally
A talent-attraction dynamic environment
A highly resilient and diverse markets to enter

Social impact

With such a broad spectrum of applications, our AAGI technology will have a significant impact on all areas of the economy, the way we engage with technology, and social interaction. This implies great responsibility. Emerging from a project with a distinct humanistic approach, the well-being of individuals and societies is at the core of our focus:

Ethical design and traceability of AAGI knowledge and behavior.
Security safeguards to avoid any human harm
Technology should always remain a means, not an end

What we have already acomplished

We, at The Mindkind, have already invested a lot of our own resources and also received a series of public R+D+i grants, tax benefits, and financing:

650 K€
Self Funding
1,2 M€
R+D+i Public grants and loans
200 K€
Bank loans and credit

Our human-like AI technology for autonomous machines has garnered significant recognition and public funding from EU, national and regional governments.

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There are infinite applications and we discover more every single day

Meet your multidevice fully "Alive Intelligence"

Envision your personal Artificial General Intelligence that seamlessly accompanies you in your daily interactions with the digital realm, effortlessly integrated into your life, enhancing your experiences and simplifying your tasks.

Metaverse and videogames

We make sense of the digital environments by bringing Avatars and NPCs to life with human-like capabilities.

Intelligent Robotics

Developing the first AAGI operating system that fully enables robots to assist us in tasks that were previously limited to humans.

Really Autonomous Space-Explorers

Fully AAGI-powered autonomous space robots, initiating exploration and exploitation of extraterrestrial environments prior to human arrival.

Latest news

The latest news from TMK and the AI ecosystem.

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June 11, 2024

Exciting News: The Mindkind Advances to Stage 2 in the Europena Union EIC Accelerator Program!

We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully advanced to Stage 2 in the highly competitive EIC Accelerator program !!!

May 29, 2024

First SolvAI 2024 Transdisciplinary Congress organized by TMK

Today we have started the first edition of the #SolvAI transdisciplinary congress, running from May 29th to 31th in #Castejón_de_Sos

April 23, 2024

The laboratories where artificial intelligence is investigated in Aragon

In the kitchens of the multidisciplinary teams working in Aragon, an artificial intelligence very attached to the terrain is investigated.

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