Really Autonomous Space-Explorers

Nowadays, a new space race is underway among the main technological superpowers. This time, the goal is not merely to put a man on the Moon temporarily, but to establish permanent colonies on the Moon or Mars,capable of exploring and exploiting space as a new source of wealth and power.

However, two significant problems still persist.

The Challenge

The existing gap between human and robotic space exploration

It refers to the disparity in capabilities, limitations, and objectives between human-led space missions and those conducted by robots and artificial intelligence. This gap encompasses several aspects, including the ability to handle complex tasks, conduct scientific research, adapt to new environments, and make decisions autonomously.

Human space missions

Human space exploration involves sending astronauts to space, allowing for direct human experience, decision-making, and adaptability to unforeseen situations. However, human missions often require:

Extensive planning times
Expensive and heavy life support systems.
Technically complex safety measures

Robotic space missions

On the other hand, robotic space exploration typically involves the use of unmanned spacecraft, rovers, and drones, which:

Have to be controlled remotely, with significant delays due to the time lapse in communications.
Extensive planning times are required, as they lack the human touch and intuitive real-time problem-solving abilities.
Missions are risky and highly sensitive before unexpected challenges

AAGI for fully autonomous space explorers

The best solution to fill this challenging gap would be using fully autonomous robots, that is, robots with human-like capacities, capable of making their own real-time decisions based on cognitive reasoning, training, and experience. These robots would be powered by an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) engine and might be in charge of exploring the environment in search of strategic resources and starting to exploit them, for example, by building the necessary infrastructures to facilitate human arrival.

However, there is another problem: this AGI technology does not exist...

... yet.

We at THE MINDKIND are committed to developing the AAGI technology necessary to enhance EU autonomous exploration and exploitation space missions.

We are seeking collaboration with ESA and European space consortiums to enable our ETR technology to empower the first fully autonomous robots capable of achieving this mission.

Together, we will pave the way for a new era in space exploration, where autonomous robots play a pivotal role in advancing our understanding of the universe and unlocking the mysteries of the cosmos.

At THE MINDKIND, we are not just developing technology; we are forging a path toward a future where human capacities and artificial intelligence seamlessly coexist, opening doors to unprecedented discoveries and reshaping the way we explore the vastness of space.

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There are infinite applications and we discover more every single day

Meet your multidevice fully "Alive Intelligence"

Envision your personal Artificial General Intelligence that seamlessly accompanies you in your daily interactions with the digital realm, effortlessly integrated into your life, enhancing your experiences and simplifying your tasks.

Metaverse and videogames

We make sense of the digital environments by bringing Avatars and NPCs to life with human-like capabilities.

Intelligent Robotics

Developing the first AAGI operating system that fully enables robots to assist us in tasks that were previously limited to humans.

Really Autonomous Space-Explorers

Fully AAGI-powered autonomous space robots, initiating exploration and exploitation of extraterrestrial environments prior to human arrival.

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