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"Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is the supreme test of the technology scientists, and often the supreme disappointment." - paraphrasing Ansel Adams, photographer

In a complex world constantly reshaped by rapid technological advancements, Algorithmic Artificial General Intelligence (AAGI) stands as the pinnacle of human achievement—a syntetic intelligence capable of learning, reasoning, taking decisions and adapting like a human being. At The Mindkind, we are driven by a profound scientific curiosity and determination to explore the true potential of AAGI. We believe that the future lies in the seamless fusion of human creativity and machine precision, and it is our unwavering commitment to make that vision a reality.

A pentadimensional cube representing the AAGI core of the ETR Technology from The Mindkind.

Developing world-class AAGI technology to bring machines to life.

To achieve that goal, we had to confront three significant challenges. Firstly, we lack an understanding of the brain's structure and dynamics. Secondly, current technology does not enable us to capture all the information processed by a living brain. Thirdly, each brain is unique, so we need to explore them statistically.

To overcome these constraints, we have employed a complementary approach by:

Working from a wide set of real subjective experiences.
Finding the common "active principle" underlying them all.
Establishing a scientifically grounded Foundation Model (ETR).
A knowledge graph of concepts, actions and causality of ETR Cognitive Architecture.

ETR Technology

Our ETR Foundation Model is born from a profound comprehension of human subjective experiences and mental dynamics, firmly grounded in a deep neuroscientific research. It offers a solution to the four primary challenges currently facing AI:

The 'Black Box' issue arises because we don't know where or how AI-specific knowledge is stored.

Trustworthiness, or the 'Black Swan' phenomenon, is a concern with statistical models, as they can generate nonsensical responses when confronted with the unknown.

The challenge of adaptability, as it is incapable of conceptualizing and extrapolating available knowledge to address new problems.

The efficiency challenge, as it requires substantial amounts of data, time, energy, and computational resources for learning.

The AAGI core of the The Mindkind's ETR technology

Our "Special Sauce"

What makes this technology different

We have worked with some knowledge that, today, cannot be found elsewhere, to bridge the gap between the human brain, mental processes, and machine learning algorithms. By developing a robust AAGI model, we are paving the pathway to unraveling the mysteries of the human mind.

Phenomenological approach

Working with a wide range of real-life experiences, disentangled to uncover the common "active principle" that lies within them all.

Neuroscientific research

Building upon neuroscientific advancements which stem from both, fundamental and applied research in affective neuroscience.

Multi-agent dynamic model

Using a complex-systems approach to implement an agent-based cognitive architecture that lets us setting brain dynamics' complexity apart.

Highly efficient

Developing technology that shorten and lighten the time and resources of learning processes.


A technology capable of initiating its own internal self-learning and behavioral processes based on its own intrinsic motivations.


The closest a technology has ever been to replicating the human mind and consciousness.

There are infinite applications and we discover more every single day

Meet your multidevice fully "Alive Intelligence"

Envision your personal Artificial General Intelligence that seamlessly accompanies you in your daily interactions with the digital realm, effortlessly integrated into your life, enhancing your experiences and simplifying your tasks.

Metaverse and videogames

We make sense of the digital environments by bringing Avatars and NPCs to life with human-like capabilities.

Intelligent Robotics

Developing the first AAGI operating system that fully enables robots to assist us in tasks that were previously limited to humans.

Really Autonomous Space-Explorers

Fully AAGI-powered autonomous space robots, initiating exploration and exploitation of extraterrestrial environments prior to human arrival.

Our human-like AI technology for autonomous machines has garnered significant recognition and public funding from EU, national and regional governments.

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June 11, 2024

Exciting News: The Mindkind Advances to Stage 2 in the Europena Union EIC Accelerator Program!

We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully advanced to Stage 2 in the highly competitive EIC Accelerator program !!!

May 29, 2024

First SolvAI 2024 Transdisciplinary Congress organized by TMK

Today we have started the first edition of the #SolvAI transdisciplinary congress, running from May 29th to 31th in #Castejón_de_Sos

April 23, 2024

The laboratories where artificial intelligence is investigated in Aragon

In the kitchens of the multidisciplinary teams working in Aragon, an artificial intelligence very attached to the terrain is investigated.

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