What is this episode about?

Shall we see Skynet? Will the IAs govern the world? Is it possible to save black stingers from statistical algorithms such as ChatGPT? I don't know about you, Julio, but I get lost in so many weird terms.

The one who does not miss these issues is Mario Garcés, CEO of The Mindkind, who will tell you, with many likes, everything you need to know to better understand the different artificial intelligence algorithms and even, to understand, the potential of the technology they are developing in his company.

The Mindkind is a project that, from Spain, has many ballots to overcome other big companies like OpenAI, using a technology that, today, we have not yet been able to see in the market.

In addition, during the interview, Mario tells us more about his career as an entrepreneur, as he has founded several companies, and even about the rural hotel that he wanted to move forward, but failed dramatically.

We will talk about how difficult it is to get funding, on AI, on the moral dilemmas it poses and its impact on our lives in the coming years. If you want to know more about this, stay and give it a chance. This episode lasts only 72 minutes of nothing.

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