A total of 17 entrepreneurs and startups address the challenges they face, in a session of Ibercaja


A total of 17 entrepreneurs and startups have addressed the challenges they face in a collective intelligence session organized by Ibercaja's Más Empresa ecosystem, the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Zaragoza (AJE) and the Spanish Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs Associations (CEAJE).

The participants highlighted that among the main challenges of the entrepreneurial ecosystem is learning to communicate and give visibility to your project, integrate cultural transformation within organizations and work in line with the accelerated pace of digitalization.

To this is added finding 'partners' with whom to establish synergies and a network of potential customers, lose the fear of collaborating, validate the business model, achieve economic viability, have the capacity to adapt and reinvention, develop new skills, work on sustainability and "make the intangible tangible".

These 17 entrepreneurs and startups, who have participated in the 'Collaborate to grow' initiative and have shared their experiences, come from Aragon, Madrid, the Valencian Community, Navarra, Castilla-La Mancha and the Canary Islands.

The conference, which took place this Wednesday online, has fulfilled its objective of sharing knowledge, identifying common challenges, co-creating new solutions and building on the experience of other projects and people.


The director of Más Empresa, Luz López, and the president of AJE Zaragoza, Silvia Plaza, welcomed the session with a clear message: "Entrepreneurship is basic and necessary to bring innovation to organizations. If that spirit is shared and collaborative, its impact is multiplied, because it is proven that together we are capable of going further than individually."

Plaza has insisted on the need to "change the 'chip' of negativity and start thinking positive and joint solutions that help us all." "We have the ability to share and that is the objective we pursue both in AJE Zaragoza, in CEAJE and in Más Empresa: to fight and exchange knowledge that will help us all to prosper".

The participating companies and entrepreneurs have been Cañaveras Arquitectura, Imascono, Sistemiza, Appdermis, Artaiz-Asesoria, Loop Innova, The MindKind, Deusens, Evorgy, Virtual On, Entintarte, La mar de gente, Mesbook, Andreia Santiago, Yayofy, Búhoblanco Arquitectos and Detalent.

Some have a more technological profile, since they are immersed in the fields of virtual reality, industry 4.0, software solutions or digital consulting, and others are a faithful reflection of a social character, with a strong commitment to sustainability and cultural transformation in their purpose as companies.


The entrepreneurs have presented in small 'speeches' of three minutes what they do, at what point their projects are, what challenges they are facing and what challenges they have already solved successfully and how they have achieved it. His experience has served as inspiration and has allowed to detect market niches that are to be covered.

The audience, in addition to knowing interesting projects, has contributed from their vision solutions to these challenges through a dynamic of co-creation in which, by groups, they have combined knowledge and exchanged opinions that have then been transmitted in a common forum.

As López explained, "the way to evolve is to share altruistically. We have to be convinced that it is possible to act actively and change things. Events like today's help to evolve and activate that need for change."

The managing director of AJE Zaragoza, Noemí Ruiz-Toledo, has agreed that this type of sessions are now "more important than ever". "We have the opportunity to connect with the entire national territory and work together, providing experiences and solutions that can be useful for others," he said.


AJE Zaragoza collaborates with Más Empresa since its inception. Promoted by Ibercaja and the Ibercaja Foundation since 2018, this initiative exceeds 4,000 users, is endorsed by 47 national and international partner companies and has carried out more than 130 activities, through which more than 7,300 entrepreneurs, managers and professionals have passed. The webinars he has scheduled during 2020 have more than 14,500 views.

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