Eight teams of national origin, including one from Aragon, have been selected for their projects on entrepreneurship to pass to the acceleration phase of the first edition of the Ibercaja program "Dare to jump", which will begin on September 9 and will last until December.

The acceleration phase will have ten training blocks and during this process the entrepreneurs will be guided by a team of 25 mentors.

On December 17, the 'Demo Day' will be held, the day on which the final presentation of all the projects will be made, in which the panel of experts in charge of the training blocks, mentors, companies and the Ibercaja team, as well as potential investors, will be present.

This initiative, promoted by Más Empresa de Ibercaja and Fundación Ibercaja, is committed to entrepreneurship as one of the pillars on which the company of the future, the 2021 company, is based.

The head of Commercial Strategy of Business Banking at Ibercaja and member of the project selection committee, Toño Ruiz, highlights the difficulty of selecting the eight projects chosen from the fifteen that have participated in the first phase of the program.

Entrepreneurial ideas had to fit the categories of sustainability, financial technology, services to SMEs or longevity.

The Aragonese project selected under the name 'The MindKind', by Mario Garcés, aspires to create a software company specialized in the development of artificial, general and algorithmic intelligence technology with the aim of providing human capabilities to computer systems designed so that they can interact with human beings.

The projects 'Agua de aquí', 'Relabs', 'Pontio Fintech' and 'Resafe', from Madrid, and 'Girafe', 'Sherbuddy' and 'The Wombat Company', from La Rioja, have also been selected.

The jury, composed of members of Más Empresa, Ibercaja Banco and Fundación Ibercaja, in its election has valued aspects such as the use of the resources provided during the five weeks of the first phase of training of the project, the commitment to the acceleration program or the state in which the project is.

They have also taken into account the potential of the promoter team, the adequacy of the project to the market context, originality and degree of innovation.

For her part, the director of Más Empresa, Luz López, pointed out that the presentations made have had "a high level" and there are projects that can have "a wide journey in the market" and therefore, they want to "help them achieve it".

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