The Government of Aragon, in collaboration with ITAINNOVA under the Department of Science, University, and Knowledge Society, has launched the latest edition of INNOIDEA.

This program supports technology-based startups and entrepreneurs, aiming to accelerate project development by validating market strategies, ensuring sustainability, and assessing technical and economic viability.

With a budget of 150,000 euros, this initiative focuses on fostering startups' growth and resilience amidst the Covid-19 crisis.

The program benefits from ITAINNOVA's technical expertise and ecosystem, aiding entrepreneurs in refining their approaches and advancing their technological and innovation projects. Out of 21 submissions, 12 projects have been selected.

A networking event was held on July 15, 2020, where entrepreneurs had the opportunity to showcase their initiatives, attended by Minister Maru Díaz, ITAINNOVA Director Esther Borao, and Ricardo Cantabrana, the General Director of Electronic Administration.

The Department's leader expressed her satisfaction at the Institute's successful launch of a new edition of the program, emphasizing the importance of investing in local talent and Aragon's technology. She noted that the current period, marked by the necessity for the scientific and technological community to envision the future, has been accelerated by the paradigm shift caused by Covid-19.

The pandemic highlighted technology's crucial role, transforming it into a societal necessity. In this post-coronavirus landscape, science, technology, and innovation are poised to shape the future. INNODEA is now more essential than ever, serving as a catalyst for economic reactivation and recovery.

The counselor emphasized the program's vital role in creating new jobs and businesses, especially in the wake of Covid-19's impact on the business sector.

With the guidance of ITAINNOVA's expert professionals, selected entrepreneurs can swiftly realize their projects. Subsequently, the chosen entrepreneurs presented their business ideas, illustrating their aspirations, which they aim to bring to fruition with ITAINNOVA's support.

In this edition, the entrepreneurial teams include: BIZTRIBUTION, CAPILLAR IT SL, CHENTA PIRINEO S.L., Control de Sistemas de Riego, Fundación ECUUP, FOMA (Mobile and Autonomous Photovoltaic Installations), Mario Garcés Romeu (THE MINDKIND), MERCADO DEL 13 / WIKI ER13, MILENVIOS.COM, Precision Air Innovation and New Technologies S.L (PAINTEC), Printersys, and ZZ Data Labs.

Their diverse proposals encompass a digital gastronomic platform in the Pyrenees utilizing Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence; a futuristic market integrating innovative logistics; an intelligent irrigation system for communities managed through mobile phones; a conceptual database (Zirano) enabling robots and machines to comprehend human interactions through an artificial intelligence master; mobile photovoltaic installations designed to replace petrol generators; an algorithmic model advancing artificial intelligence towards human-like concepts; a creative encyclopedia focused on rare diseases; and a device facilitating the reception of shipments and packages within vehicles.

Each team will receive dedicated support from ITAINNOVA's experienced coaches, including Mariano Torrecilla, a key participant in the event, and Pablo Pérez, the program coordinator and Strategic Innovation lead, who elucidated the program's workings.

INNOIDEA operates in two phases: the initial phase entirely funds the support services provided by ITAINNOVA technicians, while the subsequent phase covers 100% of the personnel and resource costs incurred by the Technological Institute of Aragon for the program's execution. The initiative's primary objective is to offer comprehensive technological support to startups and entrepreneurial teams, accelerating the maturation of their projects and facilitating the development of viable technology-based products.

This support aids in both technical and commercial validation, fostering the transformation of innovative ideas into tangible products and services. Additionally, INNOIDEA aims to stimulate the formation, expansion, and consolidation of startups, particularly amidst the ongoing challenges posed by the Covid-19 crisis. The program ensures that viable business opportunities are translated into innovative products and services through robust R&D efforts.

To achieve this goal, ITAINNOVA coaches provide essential support and guidance to entrepreneurial teams engaged in creating new companies or pioneering lines of business. This mentorship occurs throughout the development period of their projects, expediting and simplifying the entire process.

The activities undertaken by each startup and entrepreneurial team in both phases must be completed within the year 2020, barring any unforeseen circumstances that may hinder progress. In the initial phase of the program, 100% of the support services offered by ITAINNOVA technicians and its associated ecosystem are financially covered.

Moving into the second phase, all personnel and resource costs essential for executing the actions outlined by ITAINNOVA technicians are entirely financed, adhering to the institution's existing rates. These costs are incorporated into a project specification, capped at a maximum value of €10,000.

The INNOIDEA Program, designed to bolster entrepreneurs, falls under the ambit of the ITA01_01_Proyectos_I+i operation and is entirely funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). This support is provided within the framework of the Operational Program FEDER Aragon 2014-2020, epitomizing the spirit of "Building Europe from Aragon."

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